The Production Technologies Association of South Africa (PtSA), established in 2006, is a membership based organisation with the mission of promoting, protecting and supporting the collective interests of the Tool, Die, Mould and Special Machining industries (TDM Industry) of South Africa, in order to support the growth and development of all manufacturing sectors.

PtSA has established a substantive government supported initiative to rehabilitate and grow the South African TDM industry.

PtSA has its own project management and implementation agency for the benefit of its members.

Become part of the network of companies which forms the Tool, Die, Mould and Specialised Machining industry in South Africa.

  • Industry Member - R5m or less
    Package price
    R 4,025

    PtSA Industry Membership shall apply to companies directly involved in the manufacture of tooling or which are dependent on tooling for their manufacturing processes, or under specific circumstances at the discretion of PtSA, to companies whose business is dependent on supplying tooling related items to the Tool, Die and Mould industry. 

    • Eligibility for Industry Membership is at the discretion of the PtSA structures.
    • Industry membership shall entitle eligibility for directorship or office bearer within the various PtSA structures. 
    • Industry membership shall include 1 (or 2 dependent on organisation size) legal vote for all PtSA section 21 (Regionalized) related issues etc.
    • Industry membership shall entitle attendance at all PtSA functions.
    • Industry membership shall entitle inclusion on all PtSA circulation lists inclusive of minutes, etc.
    • Industry membership shall entitle inclusion in all PtSA activities and benefits.